Yes it’s true, Summer is officially over….. Some of us are glad, others, not so much…. Personally, I love the change of seasons. It’s a chance to re-invigorate your wardrobes and look at what essentials you need to get you through the next few months. It’s a chance to find your style and play with some new ideas.  

If that sounds scary, well don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!

Here's our tips to keep you looking on trend this Autumn/Winter 2016. 


The Cape:

Stay cosy and wrap up in this years essential cape! You can literally wear this with anything.  

Forever New $59.99.


The Trench Coat:

This classic timeless piece will never go out of fashion. It never fails to be one of those must-haves in your wardrobe.

Review $319.99



Longline slim vests will elevate your outfit to a whole new level of modern chic. Wear it open or closed for different looks.

Seed $179.95



Roll neck slouchy, oversized knits in jumpers, cardigans and tops are key this season. Pair with a knit skirt or wear as separates. Tip: when wearing knits together, choose different textures to give a modern chic look.

Witchery $149.95


Witchery Tube Skirt $99.95



Suede is BIG at the moment! Look on trend in a suede skirt or dress and never look out of place again.

Country Road: $599.00


Flares and Wide Legs:

Put your skinny jeans away, the 70’s inspired flares and wide legs are back!

Available in a range of fabrics, you will certainly find a pair that suits your shape.

Witchery Slim Ponte Flare $99.95


Ankle boots:

Oh, how I love my ankle boots!! And yes, even if you are petite, you can wear them. The trick is to know how. Call or email us for your style consultation!

Pair them with jeans, pants, skirts, dresses; they will be your go-to boot this year! Trust me!

Midas $248.00


Over-the-knee boot:

WOW, I love these boots! Be the envy of everyone when you rock the over-the-knee boots!

Wittner $269.95



Add a simple sneaker to give any outfit that downtime weekend feel.

Wittner $219.95



Of course, an outfit is never complete without your accessories! Fedora hats, scarves, leather gloves will not only keep you warm this Autumn/Winter, you will look effortlessly chic.  

French Connection Fedora $49.95


Myer Leather Gloves $59.95


David Lawrence Scarf $49.00


So say hello to the cool breeze and feel confident in what you are wearing while showing off your Autumn/Winter style. 

Share with us what you bought to re-invigorate your Autumn/Winter style. We would love to see! 

Maureen Mracek (nee Costello)


If you are an hourglass body shape, your shoulders, bust and thighs are of the same width. You have a small and short waist. You are naturally balanced on top and bottom. 

What you need to do is draw attention to your small waist and enhance your naturally feminine figure. You are very lucky as this is the figure we all aspire to and try to create with our clothes.   

You’re hourglass celebrity friends are Jessica Simpson, Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway.


Your styling tips revealed: 

-         Support is a must for an hourglass shape – foundation is important to bring out the best in your shape. You are naturally curvy and without a supportive bra, things will start heading south!

-         As mentioned above, enhancing your small waist is key. Wrap dresses were made for your body shape. They hug your frame perfectly, showing all your best bits. Don’t be afraid of this dress – own it!

-     V-necklines are best and most flattering on you. It draws attention to your décolletage. You will naturally have a bigger bust, so best to wear a lower cut neckline as anything too high will make you appear bigger.

-        Scoop and sweetheart necklines are also good on you. Peplum tops look amazing on you!

-         Look for tops that cinch in at the waist and that are figure hugging on you.

-         Avoid anything too bulky – look for fine or soft fabric. Keep this in mind when looking for knitwear. Knowing how to layer without looking top heavy is vital if you want to stay warm during winter (more on layering in a blog coming soon). Look for fabric that is sheer, soft and clingy (all figure hugging).

-        Three-quarter sleeves are great on you, not only because it can help slim your arms, it also draws attention to you waist (as the  sleeve stops at the same point as your waist). Avoid bat sleeves as this will make your bust look bigger and make you appear wider.

-        Other sleeves that are great on you are fluted and puffed – these help to slim your arms.



-        Any tops, coats, dresses or jackets that open up your chest and draw the eyes towards the shoulders are helping to keep the balance with your bottom half (the balance that you naturally have). 


-         Jackets/Coats – tailored jackets and coats are most flattering on you. Make sure it’s a V-neckline and the buttons close underneath your bust. Buttons running too high will make you appear boxy.

-         Coats or jackets should be either three-quarter length or short i.e. ending at your high hip.

-         Single-breasted jackets/coats are best on you. Double-breasted jackets are too bulky adding unnecessary weight with the extra layer of fabric.

-         Skirts – you can wear any! Pencil skirt, A-line skirt, knee-length straight skirts, etc. Ensure the fabric has some stretch to it for comfort. Ensure it skims beautifully over your hips – should have some weight to it, but not super heavy. 


-         Pants – Straight Leg jeans are best on you.  You can wear skinny jeans too but make sure they are worn with knee high boots. Slightly flared and straight leg jeans are also good for you as they balance with your hips.


          Keep pants dark – avoid any distress or whiskering on jeans as this can make you appear wider.

-         High-rise and mid-rise pants are better on you. Again, this brings attention to your waist. They also disguise any extra curves you may be carrying in your stomach area.

-        Creases down the front of your legs will help to elongate your legs.

-     Matching your show colour with your pants or legs will also help to elongate you.  

-         Make use of belts and don’t be afraid of tucking as this will enhance your waist. 


-         Keep everything simple, avoid pockets, flaps, lapels in areas that you don’t want to draw attention to. You have a fabulous body shape, just make sure you wear clothes that showcase your gorgeous frame. Let your great shape do the talking!


I hope you've enjoyed this blog and learned how dress for your beautiful shape.  

Maureen Costello




If you are a pear shape body, you will be smaller on top than you are on the bottom. Your shoulders are narrower than your hips, and you have a small bust and waist.

What you need to do is draw attention towards your beautiful face, enhance your waist, broaden your shoulders to balance with your lower half and elongate your legs.

You're pear shaped celebrity friends are Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Tara Banks:



Your styling tips revealed:

- Enhance your waist by wearing tops that tie in at the waist - use belts or sashes to draw attention here.

- Crop jackets or cardigans will cut off at the right point showcasing your tiny waist.

- Ensure blazers are cut off at your hip, not below your hip bone. This will show your tiny waist. 

- As a pear, you are one of the lucky few that can wear most necklines – opt for boat necks or V-necklines which will broaden your shoulders, therefore balancing your bottom half. 

- Look for jackets that have a wide collar as this helps to broaden your shoulders. 

- If budget permits, go crazy on top with patterns, bling and detailing. This is where you want to draw the attention (not your bottom half). 

- Don’t be afraid of strappy or strapless tops – you will naturally beautiful arms, so these tops are your friends! 

- Take advantage of statement necklaces that are so on trend right now, as well as scarves, brooches and jewellery.

As a pear, you naturally hold more weight around your stomach and thighs and will more than likely have saddlebags.

- Minimise your bottom half – best to stick with block dark colours. Leave all the bling and pattern for your top half. Don’t add anything bulky to your bottom half – keep it simple.

- A-line skirts, gored skirts as well as A-line dresses were made for you! Embrace this style. Pleats and gatherings should fall from a dropped waist.  It is so feminine and classic, you will always be in style. 

- Opt for pants with vertical seams that will help to elongate your legs.

- Ensure your pants and skirts skim over your thighs for the most flattering look. This means not having pockets, or any details of any sort around your thigh area. Remember, this is the area you want to draw the least attention to. 

- In terms of fabric, make sure it is dense or heavy so it falls beautifully from your waistline and doesn’t cling to your problem areas. 

- Also, make sure your pants hemlines are to the floor. 

- Boot leg, flares and boyfriend jeans are great on you. Generally, you want pants that are equal width the entire length of your legs. Skinny jeans can enhance your wider thighs, however if you want to wear skinny jeans, wear with a long top/tunic. Ensure the top is cinched at the waist, so you don’t become a box! 

- Knee high boots are great as are pointy shoes in helping to elongate your legs.

Ladies, I hope this helps you to love your beautiful body shape. Let us know what you think and how you’ve taken these style tips to bring out the better version of yourself.

Maureen Costello



56th TV Week Logies Awards for 2014.

The Gwenstyle stylists have chosen the best dressed females of 2014! Let us know what you think…. we would love to hear your thoughts… xoxo

- Carrie Bickmore (photo by News corp Australia) - looks like an absolute princess in this beautiful dress
- Rebecca Gibney (photo by Julie Kiriacoudis) - Love the fact that she is a slightly older female, yet she shows such class and elegance in her chosen dress
- Anna Heinrich (photo by Julie Kiriacoudis) - stunning dress for a stunning couple. Does this woman ever look bad?
- Kate Peck (photo by Julie Kiriacoudis) - geometric piece that's is fashionable, yet I believe timeless
- Laura Dundovic (photo by Julie Kiriacoudis) - oozes elegance
- Danni Minogue (photo by Robert Prezioso) - sporting a very sexy number
- Last but not least - Sonja Kruger - always beautifully polished. This woman can do no wrong









The team at Gwenstyle have selected a few of the worst dressed at the 56th TV Week Logie awards of 2014! So much more interesting than the best dressed!

- Susie Elelman (photo by Julie Kiriacoudis) - too much cleavage. Less is more Susie. Keep it classy!
- Rebecca Judd (Photo by News corp Australia) - the line across the crotch brings the attention to the wrong part of her body. The top half of the dress is stunning, but this unnecessary line takes away from her beautiful face. 
- Tina Arena (photo by Robert Prezioso) - the whole look is a bit scary. Its not easy on the eye. Try an updo hairstyle, lighter lipstick colour and an entirely different dress!
- Jane Herber (photo by Jason Edwards) - this dress does nothing for her shape. It's extremely unflattering and looks like it belongs in Star Trek. She's naturally very beautiful, but I'd like to see a little more glamourous make-up. 
- Angela Bishop (photo by Robert Prezioso) - this dress makes her look top heavy and makes her look like a rugby player.

I'm sorry ladies, but maybe next year, you should book a stylist from GwenStyle….

With "Spring Carnival Season" , well and truly underway, I have to say that I tend to look upon the so-called “fashion on the fields” as a flick book of horror. In most cases the outfits tend to wear the Fillies, rather than the other way around. A shock of ridiculously short lengths, loud, overly ambitious headwear and too many things going on all at once, it’s a mess of overstimulation between gulps of Gucci scented air and bubbly.

However, I have noticed a number of stylish carnival lasses that seem to know what they are doing, when it comes to making an outfit up the stakes. No fake tan lines, tangerine queens, no poorly matched makeup, nor overly worked hair. Just perfectly polished like the lovely Sam Harris (as pictured above). Sam really shows how to wear THE DRESS to the fullest. Staying statue-esque and classy by keeping the colours minimal and the styling’s elegant and sleek.

Happy Stylish Fathers Day

The last and only time my Dad wore what I wanted him to wear was on my Wedding Day, 5 years ago. Complete with tails, though, I couldn’t get him to go for the full top hat styling with gloves and cane, I was still very surprised and impressed that he kept his tails on for the majority of the day. I am sure I am not alone in this picture.

Beauty and Style come in all different packages, from the long and lean to the short and sweet.  We are all individuals with our own sense of style, shape and measurements.

From extreme ends of the spectrum, here, we look at probably the most challenging of all sizes to dress, from the tall to the petite, whilst keeping our shapes in proportion and flattering our best assets, you will stand out in the crowd and you will do so with confidence.

MYTH: Only celebrities & extremely wealthy people can have stylists!


Scrambling through your wardrobe? Trying to figure out “WHAT ON EARTH” you are going to wear to this upcoming event? Be it a corporate affair, first date, wedding?  Or perhaps you are seeking a fresher image for your new lifestyle, and/ or newfound figure.

Sydney East, Crowne Street, Surry Hills & King Street, Newtown.

A favourite little hotspot of mine, Crowne Street, Surry Hills…  home to the infamous line of vintage clothing outlets. 

First Stop …  Grandma Takes A Trip, Zoo Emporium…. & Cream on Crown… and this is just in ONE of the many streets in Surry Hills and the surrounding area that is absolutely littered with fabulously eccentric and retrospective vintage stores, featuring both apparel and lifestyle fashions.  I have rather fond feelings for this place as it holds very dear memories of shopping foray’s with my closest friend and will always be a very inviting area for me to visit due to my penchant for all things vintage.


With that Christmas puppy nipping at our heals, I thought it would be interesting to explore our rights as consumers. Working with shops and shop assistants nearly every day, like me, it’s good to understand your legal rights. The section I found most surprising is highlighted, it would be interesting to see how many consumers win this battle!

I think it’s always wise when returning or exchanging to be polite but firm, return the items in the original bag, with your receipt at hand. All tags should be left on.

So here are the facts.....

Hopefully everyone survived school holiday…personally I love being out of the routine of making lunches, homework and after school sports…but I do miss my shopping trips.

I did manage to discover a new shopping centre these school holidays, with the kids in tow. But needless to say it cost a small fortune in snacks and prizes to keep them from getting too bored.