However the new Top Ryde shopping centre did have free Pony rides! Random, I know, but a beautiful seg-way into the next important fashion function of the year. Spring Carnival.

Although there are so many aspects to looking fab at the Races, I just wanted to focus this time on one crucial item…footwear.

There is nothing worse, than seeing a beautiful woman, in a designer dress, immaculate headwear, but stilettos in hand. Shoes were designed to remain on your feet, no matter how uncomfortable they become. As my mother used to say, “Suffer for beauty, dear”. (I think she was ripping a metal pronged brush through my long hair at the time, but that’s beside the point!)

When choosing a shoe for such outdoor occasions, never forget that thin heels sink! On the very first day I was introduced to my husband, he thought I was so enthralled with his conversation that I didn’t want to leave, as a matter of fact my stilettos had sunk so far down in the mud, I couldn’t moves without losing both shoes. At the time I thought the Cinderella Shoe loss was a little cliché for a first date!

This season the thick heels and the wedges are in, thank goodness.

This selection from Wittners, prove that thicker heels and wedges still can look feminine and pretty, as well as being practical.

So what I the five main points when looking for a comfortable spectacular shoes.


  1.  Choose a shoe with a platform, as this reduced the high of the heel
  2. Buy leather, sadly with shoes you really do only get what you pay for.
  3. A strap to hold your foot in place gives better support than a slip-on.
  4. If you want to wear a pointy toe shoe, always go up ½ a size to give your toes room to breathe.
  5. Remember if it’s not comfortable in the store, it won’t be when you get it home. And it certainly won't be after a day at the races!


However if you really can’t help yourself and you have to go with a stiletto, try this idea. It’s called a Heel Stop, and can be fitted to any thin heeled shoe to stop it sinking. Local stockist are PeepToe Shoes, and they even make ones with glitter in them.

Hope you find the perfect shoes to wear at the Races, and win enough money to cover the cost of your outfit!Happy Shopping

Gwen x