You are entitled to a full refund if the item you purchased is

  • Faulty or Damaged
  • Unfit for the purpose you bought them for
  • Doesn't match the description

 You are NOT entitled to a refund if

  • Change your mind
  • Find them cheaper else where
  • Can’t afford them
  • Knew the items were faulty when you bought them
  • Damage them yourself

Refunds myth

'I don't like it. But I can always return it and get my money back.'

Refunds fact

Not necessarily. Legally, refunds are only available in fairly limited circumstances.

Pricing myth

'They have got to sell it to me at the lowest marked price.'

Pricing fact

Not necessarily. When an item is marked with two prices it is illegal for the retailer to sell you the item at a price higher than the lowest marked price. However, in some cases, the retailer can withdraw the item from sale.

Supermarket scanner myth

'If a supermarket scanner scans an item at a price higher than the displayed shelf price, I can get that item free of charge.'

Supermarket scanner fact

This only applies if the supermarket abides by the voluntary Code of Practice for Computerized Checkout Systems in Supermarkets.

Refund myth

'I can only receive a credit note'

Refund fact

Any refund should be given to the consumer in the same form that the consumer used to purchase the item. If consumers buy on credit, they are entitled to a credit refund. If they use cash then they are entitled to a cash refund.

Can conditions be placed on refunds?

Where consumers are entitled to a refund, traders cannot place any additional conditions on those terms. This includes goods such as swimwear, where traders sometimes assert that they cannot give a refund because of health regulations. The Department of Health does not control the return of any non-food items. In fact, there are no such regulations and consumers can request a refund under the same conditions as any other type of goods. The same refund conditions also apply to goods purchased at a sale.

However, where a trader offers a refund policy that allows consumers a refund over and above what the law requires, the trader may set the terms and conditions in relation to this additional policy.  These terms and conditions might include a time limit for when goods can be returned and whether they will provide a credit note, refund or exchange.

Resolving disputes

If after contacting the trader you still cannot solve a refund issue contact us on 13 32 20 or visit your local Fair Trading Centre.

This information was taken from the NSW Fair Trading website...please keep in mind that rules may vary state to state.