A personal stylist discovering the hidden treasures of Sydney

Home of Newtown Festival, Newtown definitely offers a vivid and exciting range of funky fashion and accessories and everything you could ever think of.  In particular, King Street, Newtown offers a large variety of vintage shops (especially down the St Peters end of King Street), however, it also provides a smorgasbord of unique designer shops… a niche market if you will … Sassafrass Fashion, Crazy Horse Clothing Co, Just Feathers, One Honey Boutique, Pretty Dog, Elvis 4 Cleo and oh boy there are so so many I get excited and inspired just thinking about them all…  sheesh.  In short … this Long Long Road of alternative lifestyle is certainly an eye opener culturally and fashion wise.


Stimulating your senses along the way all sorts of delicious cuisines capture your appetite and I will not even go into the numerous cultural food offerings that are scattered all the way along King Street… lets just say … it’s a FEAST !!!!!!

Ok so I know that I am biased especially with these two fabulous outdoor shopping hot spots but …  I do have to take a mark off for the exposure to the elements …  on a overcast miserable day like we have today …  I would say its not as enjoyable as a warm summers Sunday stroll … far too cold to be outside but alas the brave do still venture out.  The age group again is way to difficult to determine but I would have to put it down to say 15-35 maybe even further stretched to 40 due to the vintage feel to the market.

Personal Stylist need their coffee too