Long & Lean

Tall people. I am envious, although not exactly tiny myself, I still look up (no pun intended) to those with the long lean legs that seem to go on forever.  Having the ability to really demand attention as soon as they enter the room.  However, many tall people seem to feel it is not such a godsend to be so vertically blessed but a burden instead.  I can see why they may have difficulty finding the perfect style for them, especially with hemlines and sleeve lengths, it could be very well frustrating to find the right size garment for those lovely long limbs.

It’s All In The Fitting!

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Choosing the correct fitting is very important and the key to accentuating those curves and maintaining proportion with your figure.

The great cultural diversity within Australia means we are very lucky that many retailers are emerging with unique lines to suit your particular shape, from denims to jackets and all manners of hosiery.  We have an enormous range to choose from for our particular shape and size, we no longer have to try to squeeze into those tragically cut jeans that are meant to come down to our ankles but tend to stop somewhere below the knee, and are by no means adept to covering our derrières.

The Beloved Denims: A gal’s best friend

When It comes to jeans for the taller gal, the inseam is the most difficult measurement to get right.  Most jean styles don’t go passed a 34” inseam, whereas, ladies with longer legs that are around the 6 foot height require a  37” inseam.

The Personal Style Search Is On!

Vertically Blessed.com.au have a great range of denims in a variety of styles such as skinny leg, flares and boot-cut.  I prefer the Ethyl Dark Skinny Jeans as these have a lovely dark wash and shapely waistline with lovely tapered legs, which tend to really show off those limbs to their best.

gwen korebrits stylist        gwen korebrits stylist       gwen korebrits stylist            gwen korebrits stylist

Left to Right: Ethyl Dark Skinny Jeans $99.00 @ verticallyblessed.com.au, GAP Long and Lean Flare $24.99 (On SALE) @

GAP also offers a range of long and lean denims, as do 7 For All Mankind (Kimmie Jeans) & Victoria Secret’s Low Five Bootcut Jeans.  These all have a larger inseam from 35” to 37”  with sexy cuts and quality denim that hug your curves like glove.

So, we have covered one of the most popular and versatile items in your wardrobe, what’s next?

Stylish Coats Anyone?

Winter, its just around the corner, so you will be in need of a good coat, but what is the best length coat for a taller, leaner body? A longer line coat is your best bet, say down to or just under your buttocks or down to the knee, as this will keep you in proportion and create balance with your figure.  A belted style is a great option to pull in those waistlines and create curves.   Try a lovely neutral shade like Camel, which is versatile and can give the illusion of a curvier figure or be brave and indulge in a brighter shade of cobalt, cherry, or gold, to combat those frosty winter moods and brighten up a neutral base.

Tip: If you wish to add a little more volume or interest to your top half, consider a double- breasted style or perhaps some faux Fur for a Gatsby effect.  This Chelsea Belted Coat in Camel from Forever New ($169.99) has a beautiful line and wool blend fabric.  The faux fur collar is detachable, which means more versatility in years to come and a croc textured belt with rose gold buckle for a bit of warmth and a vintage-like appeal.

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Chelsea Belted Coat – Camel $169.99  @



Put your best foot forward when it comes to stepping out in style!

Many taller women do not want to bring too much attention to their already towering heights as they feel it can be a little intimidating.  If you do not wish to bring all the attention to your height then perhaps a shorter heel is the way to go, or even a flat.  Think, a flat riding style boot (creating the illusion of a more shapely leg) especially in a tan or chocolate shade or a ballet flat in a lighter shade, you can always mix them up with adornments like bows and studs to add a tougher feel to a ladylike ensemble and they are so very comfortable and versatile. Kitten heels or small wedges are a good idea for a professional wardrobe, as you get the best of both worlds with the ladylike and subtle heel that isn’t too high but remains corporate at the same time.

Suede fabrics add a warm, cosy texture and interest to a basic style shoe, or for those who usually prefer a more detailed heel try a snakeskin finish for a modern vampish effect.gwen korebrits stylist


Therapy “Avant” black and grey snakeskin $49.95 @ http://www.theiconic.com.au


So, here, you see how you can really create those lovely womanly curves with your long and lean figure, whilst maintaining a clean tailored finish in your wardrobe. Remember you can create interest with textures and colours at the same time you keep proportion with your more vertically blessed shape.


Watch this space for the next instalment – Short & Sweet