The team at Gwenstyle have selected a few of the worst dressed at the 56th TV Week Logie awards of 2014! So much more interesting than the best dressed!

- Susie Elelman (photo by Julie Kiriacoudis) - too much cleavage. Less is more Susie. Keep it classy!
- Rebecca Judd (Photo by News corp Australia) - the line across the crotch brings the attention to the wrong part of her body. The top half of the dress is stunning, but this unnecessary line takes away from her beautiful face. 
- Tina Arena (photo by Robert Prezioso) - the whole look is a bit scary. Its not easy on the eye. Try an updo hairstyle, lighter lipstick colour and an entirely different dress!
- Jane Herber (photo by Jason Edwards) - this dress does nothing for her shape. It's extremely unflattering and looks like it belongs in Star Trek. She's naturally very beautiful, but I'd like to see a little more glamourous make-up. 
- Angela Bishop (photo by Robert Prezioso) - this dress makes her look top heavy and makes her look like a rugby player.

I'm sorry ladies, but maybe next year, you should book a stylist from GwenStyle….