56th TV Week Logies Awards for 2014.

The Gwenstyle stylists have chosen the best dressed females of 2014! Let us know what you think…. we would love to hear your thoughts… xoxo

- Carrie Bickmore (photo by News corp Australia) - looks like an absolute princess in this beautiful dress
- Rebecca Gibney (photo by Julie Kiriacoudis) - Love the fact that she is a slightly older female, yet she shows such class and elegance in her chosen dress
- Anna Heinrich (photo by Julie Kiriacoudis) - stunning dress for a stunning couple. Does this woman ever look bad?
- Kate Peck (photo by Julie Kiriacoudis) - geometric piece that's is fashionable, yet I believe timeless
- Laura Dundovic (photo by Julie Kiriacoudis) - oozes elegance
- Danni Minogue (photo by Robert Prezioso) - sporting a very sexy number
- Last but not least - Sonja Kruger - always beautifully polished. This woman can do no wrong