If you are a pear shape body, you will be smaller on top than you are on the bottom. Your shoulders are narrower than your hips, and you have a small bust and waist.

What you need to do is draw attention towards your beautiful face, enhance your waist, broaden your shoulders to balance with your lower half and elongate your legs.

You're pear shaped celebrity friends are Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Tara Banks:



Your styling tips revealed:

- Enhance your waist by wearing tops that tie in at the waist - use belts or sashes to draw attention here.

- Crop jackets or cardigans will cut off at the right point showcasing your tiny waist.

- Ensure blazers are cut off at your hip, not below your hip bone. This will show your tiny waist. 

- As a pear, you are one of the lucky few that can wear most necklines – opt for boat necks or V-necklines which will broaden your shoulders, therefore balancing your bottom half. 

- Look for jackets that have a wide collar as this helps to broaden your shoulders. 

- If budget permits, go crazy on top with patterns, bling and detailing. This is where you want to draw the attention (not your bottom half). 

- Don’t be afraid of strappy or strapless tops – you will naturally beautiful arms, so these tops are your friends! 

- Take advantage of statement necklaces that are so on trend right now, as well as scarves, brooches and jewellery.

As a pear, you naturally hold more weight around your stomach and thighs and will more than likely have saddlebags.

- Minimise your bottom half – best to stick with block dark colours. Leave all the bling and pattern for your top half. Don’t add anything bulky to your bottom half – keep it simple.

- A-line skirts, gored skirts as well as A-line dresses were made for you! Embrace this style. Pleats and gatherings should fall from a dropped waist.  It is so feminine and classic, you will always be in style. 

- Opt for pants with vertical seams that will help to elongate your legs.

- Ensure your pants and skirts skim over your thighs for the most flattering look. This means not having pockets, or any details of any sort around your thigh area. Remember, this is the area you want to draw the least attention to. 

- In terms of fabric, make sure it is dense or heavy so it falls beautifully from your waistline and doesn’t cling to your problem areas. 

- Also, make sure your pants hemlines are to the floor. 

- Boot leg, flares and boyfriend jeans are great on you. Generally, you want pants that are equal width the entire length of your legs. Skinny jeans can enhance your wider thighs, however if you want to wear skinny jeans, wear with a long top/tunic. Ensure the top is cinched at the waist, so you don’t become a box! 

- Knee high boots are great as are pointy shoes in helping to elongate your legs.

Ladies, I hope this helps you to love your beautiful body shape. Let us know what you think and how you’ve taken these style tips to bring out the better version of yourself.

Maureen Costello