If you are an hourglass body shape, your shoulders, bust and thighs are of the same width. You have a small and short waist. You are naturally balanced on top and bottom. 

What you need to do is draw attention to your small waist and enhance your naturally feminine figure. You are very lucky as this is the figure we all aspire to and try to create with our clothes.   

You’re hourglass celebrity friends are Jessica Simpson, Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway.


Your styling tips revealed: 

-         Support is a must for an hourglass shape – foundation is important to bring out the best in your shape. You are naturally curvy and without a supportive bra, things will start heading south!

-         As mentioned above, enhancing your small waist is key. Wrap dresses were made for your body shape. They hug your frame perfectly, showing all your best bits. Don’t be afraid of this dress – own it!

-     V-necklines are best and most flattering on you. It draws attention to your décolletage. You will naturally have a bigger bust, so best to wear a lower cut neckline as anything too high will make you appear bigger.

-        Scoop and sweetheart necklines are also good on you. Peplum tops look amazing on you!

-         Look for tops that cinch in at the waist and that are figure hugging on you.

-         Avoid anything too bulky – look for fine or soft fabric. Keep this in mind when looking for knitwear. Knowing how to layer without looking top heavy is vital if you want to stay warm during winter (more on layering in a blog coming soon). Look for fabric that is sheer, soft and clingy (all figure hugging).

-        Three-quarter sleeves are great on you, not only because it can help slim your arms, it also draws attention to you waist (as the  sleeve stops at the same point as your waist). Avoid bat sleeves as this will make your bust look bigger and make you appear wider.

-        Other sleeves that are great on you are fluted and puffed – these help to slim your arms.



-        Any tops, coats, dresses or jackets that open up your chest and draw the eyes towards the shoulders are helping to keep the balance with your bottom half (the balance that you naturally have). 


-         Jackets/Coats – tailored jackets and coats are most flattering on you. Make sure it’s a V-neckline and the buttons close underneath your bust. Buttons running too high will make you appear boxy.

-         Coats or jackets should be either three-quarter length or short i.e. ending at your high hip.

-         Single-breasted jackets/coats are best on you. Double-breasted jackets are too bulky adding unnecessary weight with the extra layer of fabric.

-         Skirts – you can wear any! Pencil skirt, A-line skirt, knee-length straight skirts, etc. Ensure the fabric has some stretch to it for comfort. Ensure it skims beautifully over your hips – should have some weight to it, but not super heavy. 


-         Pants – Straight Leg jeans are best on you.  You can wear skinny jeans too but make sure they are worn with knee high boots. Slightly flared and straight leg jeans are also good for you as they balance with your hips.


          Keep pants dark – avoid any distress or whiskering on jeans as this can make you appear wider.

-         High-rise and mid-rise pants are better on you. Again, this brings attention to your waist. They also disguise any extra curves you may be carrying in your stomach area.

-        Creases down the front of your legs will help to elongate your legs.

-     Matching your show colour with your pants or legs will also help to elongate you.  

-         Make use of belts and don’t be afraid of tucking as this will enhance your waist. 


-         Keep everything simple, avoid pockets, flaps, lapels in areas that you don’t want to draw attention to. You have a fabulous body shape, just make sure you wear clothes that showcase your gorgeous frame. Let your great shape do the talking!


I hope you've enjoyed this blog and learned how dress for your beautiful shape.  

Maureen Costello