Wardrobe Detox Consultation 2 hrs $190

This is where you learn how to re- create a new look with your existing clothes and combined outfits you are more comfortable wearing. Along with Gwen you decide what should be thrown out and what you can revive. It is a chance to see what key pieces your wardrobe is lacking in. Gwen teaches you how to dress of your body-shape, and how to make the most of your accessories. Gwen also suggested that you take photos of your newly created outfits, as it's a great way of reminding yourself extacly which things go together. It also help you on those busy mornings when you feel 'you have nothing to wear!'

If you find 2hr just isn't long enough Gwen is happy to add an extra hour or two to your consultation. Extra hours are $95 per hour.

"I just want to say how happy I was with my wardrobe consultation with Gwen the other day. Gwen is a lovely person and easy to work with and was a great help with sorting out my wardrobe. She has a lot of expert knowledge on fashion and personal styling. Gwen has helped me see my wardrobe in a different light and I have actually saved money by hiring her to help me! She has also given me some great tips and advice which I will always use in future when shopping or getting dressed for the day. Thanks again GwenStyle Personal Styling!"

Kerrie - Dee Why

Personal Shopping trips 2 hrs $190

This is the perfect opportunity to collect those basic pieces your wardrobe may be needing. It can be a continuation of the wardrobe consultation or a chance to pick up something for that special one off event. Gwen equips you with the ability to be able to shop with confidence, with or without her by your side.

If your shopping list needs more attention than two hours, Gwen is happy to add extra time at a rate of $95 per hour.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great shopping trip last week, I loved it! You persuaded me to try (but put no pressure on me to buy!) different clothes to those I would normally wear and they felt great. You have so many small tips which can really make a difference. Great shopping, great clothes, great company, what more could I ask for?
Louise Stapleton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to take me shopping yesterday. It was lots of fun and I had my own fashion parade last night, trying lots of combination and taking photos! I am almost a new woman thanks to Personal Stylist Gwen!

Angela - St Ives

Shop with your friends 2hrs and minimum of 4 people $60 per person

There is nothing like a girls day out. Shop to your hearts content with your personal stylist at hand. Never get tempted into ‘impulse buys’ again. Come home saving more money than you’ve spent, with numerous gorgeous outfits. These trips can be organized for either Factory Outlets or your choice of Shopping Centre

"Dear Gwen, It was lovely meeting you on Saturday and we honestly had the best time.

It has given me a whole new way of thinking. I have put your layer suggestion to use this morning with a grey singlet under a low cut black t shirt, beads and my old jeans. The boys all commented on how good I look today which is amazing for blokes, they even thought I had new jeans ! So it obviously works and funnily enough I feel pretty good too. Thank you so much Gwen for your ideas and inspiration. I hope we meet up again in the future, I will recommend you to all my mates although my friend and I would dearly like to keep our GwenStyle fashion tips secret !"
Sue - Central Coast

Special Occasion Shopping 2hrs $230 per person

Whether its that special birthday celebration, school reunion or the wedding of the year, Gwen can create the perfect look for you.

After giving you a style analysis, she chooses the designers and stores that reflect your style and personality. She understands the importance of the 'one off' outfit.

Gwen specializes in, Mothers of the Bride/Groom styling, offering the complete package, with some valuable tips for the 'Big Day'.

“What a fantastic service this personal stylist is! I had no idea what to wear as Mother of the Bride and was aware of the fact that most shop assistants will tell you that everything you try looks “gorgeous on you”! I thought it would take many shopping trips and a lot of frustration to find the right clothes, so I was delighted to discover this service. Gwen listened attentively to my description of the kind of clothes that I like to wear and my budget and she carefully selected outfits for me to try on. She knows all the right shops to visit and consequently we did not waste any time or effort, which is wonderful for busy ladies. She is able to interact with all the shop staff to ensure that colours and sizes are available making the whole changing room experience very slick and easy. She is a stylish lady herself and I knew her could trust her tactful honesty and amazing sense of chic. She gently encouraged me to try clothes in colours and styles that I might not have selected myself, which is very helpful as I know it is too easy to stick with the same type of wardrobe. I am thrilled with the beautiful outfit that I now have for my daughter’s wedding and, perhaps more importantly, the bride also loves it! The whole shopping experience with Gwen was fun and pleasurable. Gwen, I am telling all my friends about you and I will definitely be calling you again! Thank you so much GwenStyle Personal Stylist for your expert advice.”

Paula - Belrose

Gift Certificates

2 hour Wardrobe Detox Consultation $190

2 hour Personal Shopping Trip $190

Ultimate Styling Package $390 2hr Wardrobe Consultation, 2 hr Shopping Trip plus a Personality / Style Assessment

A Gwen Style Gift Certificate makes a fabulous present for the friend or family member who has 'everything'. Ideal for Christmas, the voucher is valid for up to 3 months from date of purchase.

Please note a $5.00 postage and wrapping fee applies.

“It is probably not uncommon for a husband to eventually run out of great birthday gift ideas for his wife, a position I found myself in earlier this year.

From my perspective my wife had a well stocked wardrobe of clothes, however I had heard her say she didn’t have anything to wear on numerous occasions and this sparked an idea.

For her birthday I gave my wife a gift certificate from GwenStyle which entitled her to a Wardrobe Consultation and a Personal Shopping Trip. She was delighted and her reaction surpassed my expectations. I also couldn’t believe how many of her girlfriends told me it was a fantastic gift and they were envious of her.

Husbands, myself included, have certain reservations about introducing their wives to a Style Consultant, however any concerns I might have had were quickly eased following the Wardrobe Consultation.

My wife explained Gwen had helped her see enormous possibilities in the items she already owned and she felt far more positive about her clothes following the Wardrobe Consultation. As a result, the focus of the Personal Shopping Trip was to purchase a few key items and accessories.

The whole experience was fantastic on so many levels. I feel I gave my wife a gift she really loved, my wife feels great about the options available in her wardrobe and the exercise didn’t break the bank as I had feared it might.

Gwen is brilliant and whether you are a guy looking for a gift your partner will love or a lady who is under whelmed by the options in your wardrobe I would encourage you to get in touch with Gwen.”

Simon – Northern Beaches.

Visiting Sydney...? 2hrs $195 per person

Gwen understands that traveling to a new city can be overwhelming.Normally your time is limited and the shops unfamiliar. If you are visiting for work or pleasure, Gwen can tailor your shopping needs. She has an intimate knowledge of the larger shopping centers as well as the little exclusive boutiques.

Gwen can introduce you to ‘where the locals shop’, so you are guaranteed to go home with a unique outfit, along with having a pleasurable shopping experience.

Contact GwenStyle Appointments can be made at a time and location most suitable to you, by either calling or emailing Gwen - 0421274936 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Locations: GwenStyle's Hot Shopping Spots

Gwen is based on the Northern Beaches but works through out the Sydney area.

For shopping there are a number of different locations in Sydney and the surrounding area. The main reason that larger shopping centre's are used is because everything is under one roof. However meeting at smaller shopping locations can also be arranged.

  • Westfield Bondi Junction
  • Chatswood Chase
  • Chatswood Westfield
  • Castle Towers*
  • Erina Fair*
  • Warringah Mall
  • Hornsby

* conditions apply

Contact Gwen Fashion & Personal Stylist 0421274936