What is a Wardrobe Consultation?

A Wardrobe Consultation is taken in the comfort of your own home and lasts 2 hours. Gwen starts by asking a few questions about you and your life style. ‘Its important to get to know my client’ Gwen say’s ‘As every one is different There’s no point in dressing you in a suit and throwing out all your casual gear if you spend the entire Saturday driving the kids to sport. Your wardrobe has to work for you not against you’.
Gwen is not judgmental in her approach and there is no wardrobe too big or small, pris-tine or untidy that shocks her!
Gwen then explains what will suit your body-shape and shows you how to make unsuit-able garments work in your favour. An additional aid is to take photos of numerous out-fits that Gwen has styled for you, everything from jewelry to shoes can be included. This way you have a reference for the outfits and will never suffer from those ‘nothing to wear days’.


What is a Personal Shopping Trip?

A Shopping Trip can be taken as a continuation of the Wardrobe Consultation or as an individual consultation. Perfect for overseas visitors or clients with ‘not a lot in their wardrobe’ These consultations are for a minimum of 2 hours but can last longer de-pending on the clients requirements.
Gwen will train you how to shop successfully and introduce you to shops you may never have known existed.
If the shopping trip is your first consultation with Gwenstyle again a short introduction is included on getting to know you and your requirements.


What do I wear on a Personal Shopping Trip?

  • Gwen suggests that even though you may want to dress to impress, its best to keep it simple. There will be a fair amount of time spent in fitting rooms.
  • Easy slip on shoes.
  • No pantyhose as these take too long to get on and off. A spare pair of ‘sockettes’ is   always a good idea to throw in your bag, incase you are buying shoes.
  • A singlet top, underneath your top, as its easier to slip a top on and off if you have something underneath, especially if the fitting rooms are busy.
  • No dresses. As its harder to try on separates if you are wearing a dress & no one really likes trying on jeans with just a bra!
  • Minimum jewelry and scarfs.

Is my Personal Stylist working on Commission from the Shops or Shopping Centers?

Absolutely not.  Gwenstyle stands very strongly about being totally independent of shops or shopping centres. Clients must trust that their purchases are made with the interest of the client not the shop owner or stylist. Gwen's’ advice & opinion in no bi-ased, purely with her clients best interests at heart.


Can I hire my Personal Stylist to shop for more than 2 hours?

You certainly can, a pro-rata rate will be agreed on before the shopping consultation, normally a maximum of 5 hours is enough!


Can we have a Wardrobe Consultation and Shopping Trip on the same day?

Gwenstyle can offer both consultations on the same day, however it is not always rec-ommended. It’s favorable for the client to take stock after a wardrobe consultation and have a think over the shopping list Gwen has drawn up. However for clients out side the Sydney area it is often necessary to combine the consultations on the same day, with and hour breathe in-between.


Does Gwenstyle serve areas outside of Sydney?

Gwenstyle services areas outside Sydney, like the Central Coast. However an additional call out fee is charged to cover the extra travel. For further information on different   areas please contact Gwen at Gwenstyle directly.


What ages is the Gwenstyle Personal Styling Services appropriate for?

Anyone from 16 to unlimited age...! The majority of clients are in their 40’s and 50’s as this seems to be the age that  dressing and style become more difficult. No one wants to look like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ and this is such a common concern. Gwen helps you dress age appropriate without losing your individuality and personality.