29th August 2015

I had a great day with Maureen on a styling shopping trip for my showreel. Maureen had great suggestions for outfits that suited my body shape and things l would not normally have chosen for myself. Maureen is comfortable to be around, takes her job seriously and is committed to her clients.  My time with Maureen has given me the confidence to make different choices with my clothing.  Thanks Maureen. 



I just wanted to say thank you again for a fantastic day last Friday. I had a really fun day and learnt a lot. The tips on layering, colours and accessories have been really helpful. My wardrobe is looking much better now. I spent a few hours on Sunday completing the culling and reorganising. The highlight of the day was the shopping which was fantastic!! I am looking at dressing with new, and hopefully wiser, eyes. I feel so much more confident now and am really enjoying “suffering” a little in order to be a bit more chic and not just so low maintenance!!! Thank you so much. Taryn



I hate shopping, but Gwen made it so easy! She is an absolute angel!!


I didn’t know what to expect when we first met to go through my dismal wardrobe, but I certainly did not expect her to get to SO right! I feel great, I feel confident, I feel stylish and I am so thankful for her advanced search and rescue.


The part I liked the most: I didn’t have to deal with the pushy shop assistants, Gwen had done her research and been to the shops in advance to seek out suitable possibilities, she works very quickly and efficiency, making sure that the things that make it into the dressing room are the right style, colour and size! So you are not standing there just randomly trying on whatever was available.


She understands that as a client we may be wary about paying someone to do something we ‘should’ be able to do ourselves, but instead of constantly thinking that, I was thinking she is worth every single penny (and an additional fee for having to deal with difficult clients like me)


Gwen you are the best and I cannot recommend you more!!..and you were right, the boots are gorgeous and I am wearing them...constantly!- Nichole S


"What a wonderful experience I had with Gwen for my long-awaited wardrobe update. I feel like a new person already. Gwen is very professional and certainly knows how to shop and her rates are very reasonable. What would take me days to find took Gwen 2hrs! Can’t wait to meet again to revamp my work wardrobe"
Narelle, Cherrybrook


“I spent two hours with Gwen from GwenStyle Personal Stylist and learnt more about the clothes and accessories I should be buying to suit my style and body shape than I had picked up in a lifetime! Gwen considered my personality, commitments, types of clothing I needed and budget and then showed me what to look for and which stores to target – saving me time and money, but most of all making me feel confident in my clothes. Thanks Gwen.”Johanna Baker-Dowdell
Strawberry Communications

My investment in a wardrobe consultation and personal shopping trip with Gwen has paid off many times over - saving me time, hassle and ultimately, money. No more last minute shopping or mistake-buys lurking in the back of the closet and a much better sense of what's there and how to wear it.Gwen helped me completely refresh my look using my existing wardrobe and a few cleverly-chosen new pieces.Gwen listens and respects individual taste, showing options for expanding your horizons rather than completely abandoning your comfort zone. It's like shopping with a combination of friend and fairy godmother.Thanks Gwen!
Rosie- Drummoyne

Before I met Gwen from GwenStyle Personal Styling I had been wearing the same old clothes for years without giving much thought about style while mainly focusing on comfort.
Although I felt safe in my comfort zone it was an 'uncomfortable' kind of 'comfortable' because I didn't feel happy or confident in the clothes I was wearing and I would always find some excuse not to change. Once Gwen had a look at my wardrobe that all changed! I was amazed at the variety of outfits and new looks that she created from my already small wardrobe. We had a look at some of my mum's old jewelry that went perfectly with these 'new' outfits. Accessorizing was something I always avoided but Gwen showed me how. There were only a few basic things and one 'investment' that I needed to buy in order to make my wardrobe complete. My wardrobe consultation with Gwen seemed like Christmas as every new outfit she created for me seemed like opening a present!

More importantly Gwen has an innate sense of what suits you therefore enhancing your best qualities and unique personality while helping you present your best through the clothes you are wearing. Geraldine Simmons (AFC) Making a difference for wildlife.



Thanks so much for taking the time to take me shopping yesterday. It was lots of fun and I had my own fashion parade last night, trying lots of combination and taking photos! I am almost a new woman thanks to Gwen from GwenStyle Personal Styling!
Angela - St Ives

'Thank you so much for you help on Thursday – it really energized me into now tackling winter with a little flair rather than having the “I have nothing to wear” attitude throughout. I am really pleased with all of the options that you presented and have really started to think about how I am wearing my clothes. I have told all of my friends about the experience – I think they are just waiting to see me walk the talk which I did on Friday with some great comments…..Anyway wanted to say Thank you GwenStyle Personal Stylist and I would love to go through the same process in Spring in preparation for summer!!'
Charlie - Pymble

Thank you so very much for this morning. I had a really fantastic time. Gwen reminded me how much fun it is to "play" with clothes and all their colour's and textures. You helped me to combine my existing clothes in ways I never thought possible, but which really suited my personality. It made me realize how many fashion "rules" I had made for myself which were so BORING. I feel I have a whole new exciting wardrobe without spending a cent on new clothes! My only complaint was that I couldn't keep you for longer!
Vivienne - Manly

"Dear Gwen, It was lovely meeting you on Saturday and we honestly had the best time. It has given me a whole new way of thinking. I have put your layer suggestion to use this morning with a grey singlet under a low cut black t shirt, beads and my old jeans. The boys all commented on how good I look today which is amazing for blokes, they even thought I had new jeans ! So it obviously works and funnily enough I feel pretty good too. Thank you so much Gwen for your ideas and inspiration. I hope we meet up again in the future, I will recommend you to all my mates although my friend and I would dearly like to keep our fashion tips secret !"
Sue - Central Coast

"Hi Gwen, Thanks so much, ypu have no idea how good I feel now that I have a tiny bit of knowledge re clothes matching from GwenStyle Personal Stylist. Daily I find my self getting up and thinking Ok nothing special on but still Im gonna dress like something is happening. Ive found that as i do this I walk out the door with a totally different confidence on me that I had weeks ago, it's amazing. I've gotta say i have found a new lease on life and am really excited in the future. Thank u thank u "
Josie - Northern Beaches

"I just want to say how happy I was with my wardrobe consultation with Gwen the other day. Gwen is a lovely person and easy to work with and was a great help with sorting out my wardrobe. She has a lot of expert knowledge on fashion and personal styling. Gwen has helped me see my wardrobe in a different light and I have actually saved money by hiring her to help me! She has also given me some great tips and advice which I will always use in future when shopping or getting dressed for the day. Thanks again Gwen!"
Kerrie - Dee Why

“When approaching a special event I was able to employ the talents of Gwen from GwenStyle Personal Styling as my personal stylist, I was able to relax and shop knowing she would help me find the perfect outfit. And she did.”
Helen - Elanora Heights

“Using GwenStyle Personal Stylist it does not cost the world to revamp your wardrobe.

Gwen is so good at looking at what you already have and giving you ideas of how to really use those items to get the most out of them. She takes your personality into account and your requirements and adds style and flair.
Nic - Narrabeen

"Gone are the days of dragging kids around the mall, buying clothes that are the wrong colour or style. With Gwen from GwenStyle Personal Styling you can shop with confidence and spend much less and actually purchase more. Gwen is trustworthy reliable and genuine. I would highly recommend this personal stylist to anyone, who wants to revamp their wardrobe or add a little style into what you already have.”
Susan - Belrose

“What a fantastic service this personal stylist is! I had no idea what to wear as Mother of the Bride and was aware of the fact that most shop assistants will tell you that everything you try looks “gorgeous on you”! I thought it would take many shopping trips and a lot of frustration to find the right clothes, so I was delighted to discover this service. Gwen listened attentively to my description of the kind of clothes that I like to wear and my budget and she carefully selected outfits for me to try on. She knows all the right shops to visit and consequently we did not waste any time or effort, which is wonderful for busy ladies. She is able to interact with all the shop staff to ensure that colours and sizes are available making the whole changing room experience very slick and easy. She is a stylish lady herself and I knew her could trust her tactful honesty and amazing sense of chic. She gently encouraged me to try clothes in colours and styles that I might not have selected myself, which is very helpful as I know it is too easy to stick with the same type of wardrobe. I am thrilled with the beautiful outfit that I now have for my daughter’s wedding and, perhaps more importantly, the bride also loves it! The whole shopping experience with Gwen was fun and pleasurable. Gwen, I am telling all my friends about you and I will definitely be calling you again! Thank you so much GwenStyle Personal Stylist for your expert advice.”
Paula - Belrose


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